Thickness Tester LTCHY-HS

Thickness Tester LTCHY-HS

It is suitable for precise thickness measurement of hard and soft materials such as thin films, composite films, paper, metal foil and hard sheets in the range of 2mm. Resolution of 0.1um, the leading domestic level, widely used in thin film, aluminum foil production enterprises, quality inspection agencies and other units.

Technical characteristics

The test results of large color liquid crystal display, and each measurement value, statistical value

Touch screen control, without the help of a computer, the host can operate independently, and can store and query test results, eliminating the tedious need to link the computer in each test.

The instrument has a full password protection level (level 3). Each operator has a unique login name and password combination in order to enter the instrument operation and ensure the integrity and standardization of data.

Equipped with micro printer, fast printing of each measurement result and statistical maximum, minimum and average value

The instrument automatically saves up to 500 sets of test results, checks and prints them at any time

Standard gauge block calibration, user-friendly rapid calibration equipment

Select a special automatic sampler, which can realize automatic multi-point measurement with one key and minimize human error.

Professional software provides graphical statistical analysis of test results, and presents test results to users accurately and intuitively.

Standard RS232 interface to facilitate external connection and data transmission between the system and the computer

Meet the requirements of the new version of GMP for data local storage, automatic processing, statistical test data functions, and export in a format that can not be modified and deleted to ensure the permanent preservation of test results.

The system program has ISP online upgrade function and can provide personalized service.

Technical parameter            

measuring range           0-2mm (Other ranges can be customized)               

resolution ratio            0.1um               

Measuring speed          10times/min(adjustable)               

Measuring pressure          17.5±1kPa(film);100±1kPa(paper)               

contact area           50mm²(film),200mm²(paper)Note: Film and paper are optional.              

Sampling step moment           0 ~ 1300 mm(adjustable)               

Injection rate          0 ~ 120 mm/s(adjustable)               

Machine size           450mm×340mm×390mm (L*W*H)               

Weight                 23Kg               

working temperature             15℃-50℃                

relative humidity            Up to 80% without condensation         

Test environment          No vibration, no electromagnetic interference          

Working power supply            220V 50Hz

Reference standard


ISO4593、ISO534、ISO3034、 DIN53105、DIN53353、JISK6250、JISK6328、


Product configuration

Standard Configuration: Host, Standard Quantity Block, Microprinter

Selection and configuration: professional software, communication cable, counterweight, automatic sampler��!