Melting Flow Index Testing Machine LTAR-3682V

Melting Flow Index Testing Machine LTAR-3682V


Melt Flow Rate Instrument MIP meets the standards of GB/T3682-2000,as well as ISO1133-97,ASTMD1238,JISK7210 and other standards involving main parameters.The melt flow indexer is suitable for measuring melt mass flow rate(MFR)and melt volume flow rate(MVR) of plastic materials such as polyethylene,polypropylene,polystyrene,ABS,polyamide,fiber resin,acrylic,POM,fluorine plastic,polycarbonate.It is widely used in plastic departments.

A. Product advantages

  • The heating cylinder is made up of 304 stainless steel or alloy, for the reason that in high temperature metal material is easily oxidation rust while the melting flow index tester usually performs long-time work at high temperature(up to 400~500 degrees).
  • The melting flow index rate instrument is equipped with dual sensorconfiguration to get precise temperature control and better temperature gradient so that the instrument can work longer.
  • According to the national standard, function that four minute countdown after feeding is added in the machine.
  • The RS232 interface is available to be connected to the computer to output data(optional).
  • The last testing conditions can be directly displayed after boot-strap to avoid users resettingtest parameters each time ,reducing the workload of the operators.
  • The maximum temperature can be up to 450~500℃.(optional, special instructions whenordering).
  • After long time test of strong corrosive plastic such as full fluorine plastic, the accuracy of the instrument is non-destructive.( Because the material is special, please specify it when ordering)In the mainland of China only testing instrument company has this technology so far.
  • Meeting standards:ISO 1133, ASTM D1238, GB/T3682

B. Product Function

This kind of instrument can be used to test the melt flow rate(MFR) figures of all kinds of plastic and resin in the viscous flow state. It is not only suitable for the high melting temperature engineering plastics of polycarbonate, polyarylsulfone , fluorine plastic and nylon but also suitable for some other low temperature plastic products which are madeup of polyethylene(PE), polystyrene(PS), polypropylene(PP), ABS resin, polyoxymethylene(POM) and polycarbonate. So it is not only widely used in the plastic production, petroleum and chemical industry but also in the relevant institutions such as scientific research units and the community inspection departments.

The melt flow rate instrument is suitable for measuring the thermoplastic melt mass flow rate following the determination in the standard ”GB/T3682-2000 thermoplastic melt mass and volume flow rate measurement”. The standard is equivalent to the requirement in the ISO 1133:1997 and can meet the ASTM D1238 test.

Considering the beautiful appearance and convenient operation,the desktop structure of the melt flow rate instrument makes the equipment performance reliably and stably. Besides, the high-precision control instrument using fuzzy PID algorithm for temperature control has the feature of high sampling precision and high speed control.

C. Product Features

  • Fast heating speed,minimal overshoot
  • High precision of constant temperature
  • A constant temperature can be quickly restored after packing .
  • Testing parameter calibration and correction is convenient.
  • Manual and automatic cutting test methods are optional.
  • The instrument is equipped with LCD working platform.
  • The testing results are automatically printed putout equipped with a printer.

D. Main technical parameters

  1. Extruding and discharging part

Outlet diameter:Φ2.095±0.005mm outlet length:8.000±0.025mm Charging cylinder diameter:Φ9.550±0.025mm

Charging cylinder length:152± 0.1mm

Piston rod diameter:9.475±0.015mm piston rod length:6.350±0.100mm 2.Standard testing load(a total of eight full weight)

3.Temperature range:conventional room temperature——400℃(500℃optional) 4.Constant temperature accuracy:±0.5℃

5.minimum temperature displayed:0.1℃ 6.Cutting method: manual or automatic cutting 7.Temperature recovery time: less than 4 minutes

8.Printed:A mini printer is used to print outputautomatically 9.Supply voltage:AC220V±10% 50HZ

E. Accessory