LTOD-H600 Digital Transmission Densitometer

LTOD-H600 Digital Transmission Densitometer

Digital transmission densitometer is a new generation product of our company. It is novel and advanced, and controlled by a computer. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, high accuracy and good stability. The AC modulation light source is used, and the synchronous receiving detection technology uses computer control and data processing, which greatly improves the ability to resist light and electrical interference and temperature stability. LTOD-H600 digital black and white transmission densitometer has been strictly debugged and inspected when it leaves the factory. After the user turns on the machine, just press the zero reset button to perform the formal test. Random standard density film for users to compare and verify. It can measure the transmission density within 5.0D, and also has reference value for those larger than 5.0D. It is an ideal instrument for X-ray film quality analysis of pressure vessels, hulls, chemicals, bridges, hospitals, etc

LTOD-H600 Main technical parameter
1、Test Range:0~5D;
2、Test Area:ф2mm(diameter);
3、Repeatability Error:±0.01D;
4、Test Error:(0.00D~3.00D)±0.02D; (3.00D~4.00D)±0.03D; (4.00D~
5、Display: three-digit segment LCD screen;
6、Power supply: dedicated adapter, 8.4V 1000mA;
7、Operating environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity ≤85% KH;
8、Size:310 X 270 X 140mm;
10、Net Weight:3Kg

LTOD-H600 Standard Configuration
1、Machine:1 set 2、Standard calibration card:1 piece 3、Spare fuse:1 piece
4、Manual : 1 set 5、Certificate of conformity: 1 set

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