Intelligent Sealing Instrument LTMFY-06S

Intelligent Sealing Instrument LTMFY-06S

It is applicable to the determination of sealing and breaking strength of various materials such as anti-theft bottle cap, infusion set, catheter, composite hose, packaging bag, composite cylinder, medical equipment and sterile packaging bag.


Anti theft bottle cap Composite tube packaging bag

  • The material of high transparent plexiglass vacuum chamber is firm and durable.
  • Touch screen display, microcomputer control, human-computer interface, convenient and fast
  • The instrument can automatically store data, which is convenient for users to query.
  • Equipped with micro printer to print experimental results quickly
  • Independent operation button, alternating operation with touch screen, gives you more operation experience.
  • The pressure gauge clearly shows the pressure value
  • The pressure regulating valve can control and stabilize the air source pressure, so that the operator can adjust the pressure according to the experimental requirements
  • The speed control knob can adjust the air flow speed and inhibit overcharge

One instrument has multiple test modes

Pressure maintaining test, bursting test, anti-theft bottle cap, coarse leakage, rapid leakage, end cap separation, sealing test, internal pressure resistance test, creep test, sectional mode


measuring range0~1.25MPa
measurement accuracy±1%
air connectionФ8mmPolyurethane tube
Machine size480mm×330×150mm
Gas pressure0.4 MPa~1.3MPa
Working power220V 50HZ


GB10440、GB18454、GB19741、GB8368、YYT0681、YY0285、ASTM F1140、ASTM F2054、ASTM D3078、ISO 11607-1 、 ISO 11607-2 、 GB/T 19633 、 GB/T 17876 、 BB/T 0025 、 QB/T 1871 、 YBB00252005-2015、YBB 00162002-2015

Instrument configuration

Standard:Mainframe, plastic anti-theft bottle cap sealing performance test device, sealing barrel, micro printer Optional: Test accessories (restraint plate test device, open package test device, thick leakage test device, test stand, hose sealing performance test device, end cover release force device, quick leakage device, etc.)

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