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Monitoring solution of bottle cap torque for wine packaging

Sep 21,2020

"Wine" can be divided into edible alcohol, medical alcohol and industrial alcohol according to its purpose. Among them, edible alcohol is generally packaged in glass bottles or plastic barrels. The torque value of bottle cap opening torque during transportation and storage of alcoholic products has an important influence on the quality of container packaging and final consumption. Therefore, it has become one of the process parameters that alcohol production enterprises focus on offline or online.

   Bottle cap opening torque refers to the torque value required to unscrew the bottle cap, and is a physical quantity that characterizes the difficulty of opening the bottle cap. If the opening torque value of the bottle cap is low, it will bring certain risks to the sealing performance of the package, and problems such as liquid leakage and alcohol volatilization will easily occur, which will affect the taste and total volume of the wine; and the opening torque value of the bottle cap will be too high. If it is too large, it will increase the difficulty of opening the package, and other external forces are needed to open the package, which not only increases the difficulty for consumers, but also may cause accidents such as scratches due to opening the package. Therefore, it is of great significance to control the appropriate opening torque of the bottle cap.

lttt-20 bottle cap torque tester

Test method and instrument

Chinese testing standards for bottle cap torque include GB/T 17876-2010 "Packaging Container Plastic Anti-theft Bottle Caps", BB/T 0025-2004 "30/25mm Plastic Anti-theft Bottle Caps" and BB/T 0034-2006 "Aluminum Anti-counterfeiting Bottle Caps" "Etc., this article refers to the standard GB/T17876-2010 for sample testing.

LTTT-20 torque meter is a special equipment for measuring the value of the locking and opening torque of bottled products. It has high measurement accuracy and good stability. It is an indispensable test equipment in the production process. The value of the cap locking and opening torque of bottled packaging products, nozzle packaging products, and tube packaging products is one of the process parameters that the production unit focuses on offline or online control. Whether the torque value is appropriate has a great influence on the intermediate transportation of the product and the final consumption.

Test sample and test process

testing sample:

Liquor in glass bottles provided by a certain brand liquor company.

Experimental procedure:

(1) Turn on the power switch of the torque meter, and set the parameter information such as test mode and statistical quantity.

(2) Place the sample on the clamp and clamp it.

  • Click the test option and unscrew the bottle cap by hand. The instrument will automatically test the maximum torque value of the sample during the unscrewing process of the bottle cap, and display it as the opening torque of the sample.

Test results and analysis

   A total of 5 samples were tested this time, and the opening torques of the 5 samples were 3.675 N·m, 3.276 N·m, 2.957 N·m, 3.146 N·m, 3.382 N·m.

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