Wall Thickness Tester CHY-B2

Wall Thickness Tester CHY-B2

Wall thickness tester CHY-B2 used for test wall thickness of ampoules, vials, infusion bottles, beer bottles, plastic bottles in food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. Wall thickness tester CHY-B2 has double test functions: bottom and sidewall. Test resolution up to 0.001mm. Wall thickness tester can satisfy various capacity bottle by adjusting the height , is a professional high precision bottle thickness testing instrument which is widely used in the quality inspection institutions, testing institutions, packaging materials manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food companies and other units.

Wall thickness tester CHY-B2
Wall Thickness Tester LTCHY-B2 Operation Video

Wall thickness tester CHY-B2 is a professional instrument for ampoules,

medicinal bottles, wine bottles, plastic bottles, PET bottles, PET bottle embryo, Glass water cup;

Operation Interface
Printed Test Report


★Touch screen, real-time display of measuring point position and thickness value

★Unique user management functions to ensure data integrity and standardization

★Equipped with micro printer, quickly print each measurement results and statistical maximum, minimum, average value.

★Instrument can store no less than 100 sets of data, each group of data 10 measuring results.

★Adjustable test space, used for a wide range of products

★The system program has ISP online upgrade function, can provide personalized service

★Adopt high speed processing chip

Thickness Range0-10mm
Dividing Value0.001mm
Specimen Diameter10-120mm(Other size Customizable)
Height10-290mm(Other size Customizable)
Dimension420mmX280 mmX655 mm
Net Weight25kg
Relative Humidityless than 88% RH
CONFIGURATION Host, measuring head

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