Microcomputer Bending Stiffness Tester LTTD-10S

Microcomputer Bending Stiffness Tester LTTD-10S

Bending Stiffness Tester LTTD-10S


The bending stiffness tester is used to test the bending stiffness of paper and paperboard. The bending stiffness can be used to test the bending stiffness performance of sheet materials such as film, mica sheet, graphite sheet and composite material.


Sample size38*70mm(Standard size)
Actual measurement size38*50mm(standard)
Span rangespan length 1~60mm,5mm、10mm、15mm、20mm、25mm、30mm、40mm、50mm,8 Adjustable 8-gear lever
Span accuracy±0.1mm test range:(0~10000)mN
Sensing accuracy±0.1%
Bending angle1~92 º stepless
Angle measurement:a single angle is measured each time, and there is stepless range of 0 ~ 90 °
Angular velocity control0.5 – 50 °/sec adjustable
Measuring thickness0.01~5.0 mm Paper grade and other composite materials
Power220V 50Hz

Bending time: select different bending time according to the elasticity of the material

Sample fixture: manual fixture operation, automatic reset after test Operation interface: 7inch touch screen operation interface, visual menu operation.

Clamping mode: unlimited clamping, non-destructive and continuous clamping

Signal output: standard computer signal output, link computer, IMT computer operating platform, can realize document editing(optional)

Self calibration: the equipment can realize self calibration, with calibration tools as standard

Printing output: modular integrated thermal printer


GB/T 2314、GB/T 2236、ISO 5628、ISO 2493

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