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Test method to verify whether the egg product plastic composite film packaging is easy to be Stratified

Jan 18,2021

Source: Link Testing Instruments co.,ltd

The composite membrane material can make full use of the advantages of each film by combining the single-layer membranes with advantages, and achieve the effect of complementary advantages, so that the barrier performance, physical and mechanical properties of the formed composite membrane are greatly improved. , And the composite fastness between the layers of the film is an important factor affecting the reinforcement. If the composite fastness is low, it is easy to separate the layers during the use of the composite film, which not only reduces the physical and mechanical properties such as barrier properties and impact resistance of the packaging material, but also affects the product image of the packaged contents, so the monitoring of the composite fastness of composite membrane materials is of great significance.

Test method and instrument   

Auto Tensile Tester LTS-05

At present, the domestic standards for the peel strength of composite films for packaging mainly include GB 8808-88 "Peel Test Method for Soft Composite Plastic Materials". This article uses Link Testing LTS-05 intelligent tensile testing machine to test the peel strength of the sample.

Equipment test principle: The sample is clamped between the two chucks of the fixture, the two chucks move relative to each other, and the force during the test is collected through the force sensor located on the movable chuck and the displacement sensor built into the machine Value change and displacement change, so as to calculate the performance indicators of the sample's peel strength, tensile force, and deformation rate.

Test sample and test process Test sample:

Plastic composite film packaging provided by an egg product manufacturer.

Experimental procedure:

  • Use a sampler to cut 5 pieces each with a width of 15 mm and a length of 200 mm along the horizontal and vertical directions of the aluminum-plastic composite film.
  • At one end of the sample, manually open 50 mm along the length.
  • Clamp the two ends of the stripped part of the sample with the upper and lower clamps of the equipment, so that the long axis direction of the sample coincides with the center line of the two clamps.
  • Set test parameters such as test speed and sample width.
  • Click the test start option, the test starts, the device automatically tests the force value during the peeling process of the sample, and reports the final test result.

Test results and analysis The longitudinal peel strength of the egg product plastic composite film is 0.158 kN/m, 0.066 kN/m, 0.163 kN/m, 0.168 kN/m, 0.200 kN/m (remarks: the sample is completely peeled off), and the transverse peel strength is respectively It is 0.092 kN/m, 0.230 kN/m, 0.238 kN/m, 0.177 kN/m, 0.88 kN/m (Note: the sample is completely peeled off).

From the above test results, it can be found that the peel strength of the egg product plastic composite film is low, which causes the phenomenon of Stratification of the composite film, which is easy to cause problems such as product leakage and deterioration. Therefore, the composite fastness performance test of the product should be strengthened.

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