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Test method for opening force of jam bottle cap

Feb 17,2021

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd

Jam is mainly used to spread on bread or toast. It is a gel-like food made by mixing fruits, sugar and acidity regulators at a temperature over 100°C. Using jam in this form can make the nutrients in the fruit be effectively preserved for a long time. Most jam products on the market have added colloidal substances, such as sugar-free jam and cheap jam. Because the jam is made of fresh fruits and is fully sealed and filled, the outer packaging is mostly a combination of glass bottles and metal caps. On the one hand, this type of packaging is for aesthetics, and on the other hand, it is to ensure that the sugar and nutritional content are relatively high. High jam is not easy to be oxidized and deteriorated.

Jam Bottle with Cap

The mouth of the jam bottle is mostly packed with screw cap, that is, it needs to be manually twisted to open the cap before eating. If the cap is sealed too tightly, it is not convenient for the eater to open. If the cap is not tightly sealed, the bottle will leak Causes jams to deteriorate during the shelf life. How to solve the problem that the screw cap bottled jam has proper cap sealing and good cap opening force requires effective detection methods to verify. In this paper, the Link Testing Lttt-20 torque meter is used to test the torque value of the sample. The torque value is used to evaluate whether the opening force of the jam bottle cap can ensure easy opening and not easy to leak, which provides a technical reference for the jam production industry.

LTTT-20 Torque Tester

Test standards and test equipment

   At present, domestic testing of bottle cap opening torque performance mainly refers to ASTM D2063 "Test Method for Measuring Torque Retention of Packaging Screw Caps".

   This article uses the LTTT-20 torque meter independently developed and produced by Link Testing to test the torque when the bottle cap is opened.

   Test principle: Utilize the equipped with torsion angle phase difference sensor, adopt the strain bridge detection method to realize the monitoring of the electric signal of the elastic shaft torsion during the sample test, so as to test the opening torque or locking value of the bottle cap.

Test sample and test process

Test sample: A jam product that matches the metal bottle cap with the glass bottle.

Experimental procedure:

(1) In a standard laboratory environment, place the adjusted jam glass bottle sample on the instrument fixture and clamp it.

(2) Set the instrument mode to "Turn on torque" and click to start the test.

(3) Put your hand on the bottle cap and unscrew the bottle cap. At this time, the instrument automatically detects the opening torque value.

(4) Follow the above steps to test the remaining 2 samples in sequence.

Test results and analysis

   The opening torque values of the metal bottle caps for glass jams tested were 6.217 Nm, 5.944 Nm, and 6.073 Nm.

   Bottles, nozzles, hoses and other container packaging products such as bottle mouth locking, opening torque value and opening force are one of the key process parameters controlled by the enterprise. This article uses the LTTT-20 torque meter to test the opening torque of the bottle cap of the glass bottle jam product. It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy and good stability, which can effectively prevent the bottled jam product from being easy to open and not easy to leak.

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