Headspace Gas Analyzer LTDK-190

Headspace Gas Analyzer LTDK-190

The LTDK-190 headspace gas analyzer adopts a new handheld design and is equipped with imported sensors, which can accurately and conveniently determine the O2 content in sealed packaging bags, bottles, cans and other hollow packaging containers; the CO2 content can be tested by the optional sensor. Allows you to quickly and effectively test modified atmosphere packaging, which is a necessary condition for mass brand manufacturing. The operator can see at a glance whether the gas composition is within the required level. It also has the traceability you need: the basic data of each package can be stored in the device itself or transferred to the LTDK-190 software or third-party software.

Product features

•Automatic data recording can save labor time and paperwork

•Hand-held design, one-handed operation, light and easy to carry, suitable for production site testing

•Easily transfer quality control data to DK-190 computer software or third-party software

•Reliable quality control of modified atmosphere products •Quick-plug sampling needle protective sleeve to ensure test safety

•Easy to operate-minimum training requirements

•Built-in data storage up to 1500, meeting the needs of large data storage

•Color display with touch function

•Can be used for oxygen or oxygen/carbon dioxide combined measurement

•The sampling volume is at least 3 ml

•Transfer data via Ethernet and USB

•Optional wireless micro printer

Test principle

The gas in the sample is taken into the sensor, and the instrument calculates the ratio of O2 and CO2 (optional) in the gas by obtaining the signal output by the sensor. After reaching the test end condition, the test stops.

Test application

Packaging bags: Suitable for testing the content of O2 and CO2 (optional) in various non-negative pressure packaging bags such as coffee, cheese, milk tea, milk powder, bread, soy flour, modified atmosphere packaging, instant food, medicine, etc.

Packaging container: Suitable for testing the content of O2, CO2 (optional) in the gas in packaging containers such as canned coffee, canned milk powder, canned food, cheese, canned food, Tetra Pak, beverages, etc.

Test principleElectrochemistryInfrared
Life timeMore than 2 yearsMore than 15 years
Test range0 ~ 100%0 ~ 100%
Resolution0.01 %0.01 %
Sampling amount3mlstandard
Size230 mm (L) × 120 mm(W) × 82 mm(H)
Power220VAC±10% 50Hz / 120VAC±10% 60Hz

Product configuration

Standard configuration: host, sampling needle, filter, gasket, portable standard tool kit Options: wireless printer, DK-190PC test software, ampoule test device

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