Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Loss Rate Tester   LTSY-05

Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Loss Rate Tester LTSY-05


Test principle

The bottle is sealed with a cap after carbonated water solution is injected into the bottle in an automatic way, and the temperature and pressure in the bottle are measured.

  1. Imported sensor system, high test precision, effectively ensure the accuracy of test results
  2. The test results can be printed quickly with a micro printer
  3. Automatic lifting of the sample table, the whole sample puncture and analysis process is fully automated
  4. It can test the pressure and temperature at the same time, and effectively ensure the accuracy of the experimental process
  5. The system program has the function of ISP online upgrade and can provide personalized service
  6. Unique User Hierarchical Authority management function to ensure the integrity and standardization of data

Self-piercing device
Micro Printer

Technical Parameters

Pressure range0-1Mpa ; 0-145.2psi (Standard)
Temperature Range0-50℃
Sample Height50-400mm
Dimension375mm*460mm*700mm (L*W*H)
Relative Humidity80%(at most)
Working Temperature15—40℃


GB/T 1868

Standard configuration:

mainframe, pressure test device, temperature test device, micro printer

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