Intelligent Vertical Load Tester LTZY-500S

Intelligent Vertical Load Tester LTZY-500S

It is suitable for testing the vertical load strength, top pressure deformation, pressure resistance and pressure strength of plastic bottles, beverage bottles, cans, medicine bottles and composite cans.

Technical Characteristics

  • microcomputer control, menu interface, PVC operation panel, and large LCD display Computer control system, microcomputer control system can be switched
  • Stepless speed change can adjust the test speed to achieve various tests within the top pressure speed of 1-300 mm / min
  • Intelligent configuration such as limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, and power failure memory can ensure the operation safety of users
  • It has many functions such as parameter setting, printing, viewing, clearing, calibration, etc
  • The test data of the intelligent vertical pressure tester is stored by computer, and it can be adjusted and inquired in many forms
  • Professional control software provides a variety of practical functions such as group sample statistical analysis, test curve superposition analysis and historical data comparison
  • Professional test software, standard RS232 interface, network transmission interface support LAN data centralized management and Internet information transmission

Technical Characteristics

Specifications500N 1000N 1500N(can select)
Test speed1-300mm/min steppless
Displacement accuracy±2%
Sample diameter≤150 mm
Sample height≤600mm
Main outsize570mm×430mm×1170mm(L*W*H)
Working power220V 50Hz

Relative standard

GB/T 17200、QB/T 1868、GB/T10440、QB 2357、QB/T 2665、BB/T 0044

Tester configuration

Standard configuration: host, pressure clamp Optional: professional software, communication cable

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