Cobb Absorption Tester LTKBXS-01

Cobb Absorption Tester LTKBXS-01

It is suitable for measuring the water absorption of various paper or cardboard surfaces. But it is not suitable for accurately evaluating the absorption performance of paper or cardboard.

Test principle Water absorption (Cobb) value on the surface of paper and cardboard: paper and cardboard per unit area under certain pressure and temperature.


The amount of water absorbed by the surface within the specified time, in g/㎡. The specific formula is as follows: C=(G2-G1)×100.

In the formula: C-water absorption value; G2-the mass of the sample weighed out after water absorption; G1-the mass of the sample weighed out before water absorption the amount.

Paper and cardboard absorbency tester is a conventional instrument for water absorption test on paper and cardboard surface, also known as paper surface

Absorption weight tester. This instrument uses the Cobb test method among the various methods of absorption test, so it is also

It is called the cobb absorbability tester.


Test area100±0.2cm²
Corresponding internal meridian112.8±0.2mm
Metal cylinder height50mm
Roll width200±0.5mm
Roller mass10±0.5kg
Dimensions480×400×420 (mm)
Ambient temperature15℃-35℃

Reference standard

GB/T1540-2002 Test Method for Water Absorption of Paper and Paperboard (Keber Method)

Instrument configuration

Main machine, standard pressure roller, one measuring cylinder 100ML, one pack of qualitative filter paper

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