KBT-D65A Double Light Source Viewer

KBT-D65A Double Light Source Viewer

KBT-D65A is made of D6500 high color rendering super light tube, A light source inflatable tungsten lamp and precisely designed and manufactured light projection mechanism. It can be applied to printing, paint making, ink,

plastics, printing and dyeing and other industries involving color observation and color matching.

Product features

> The equipment is designed with CIE D65, A dual light source configuration

> Stable spectrum, accurate color rendering, standardized illumination and uniform illumination

> Able to realize the test function of metamerism effect

>Equipped with an automatic timer for service life, it is convenient for users to understand the operation of the equipment

>Equipped with tilted reflective cover, hanging plate, table and sample storage table according to 

the standard design

> Support non-standard customization requirements to meet the individual testing needs of more customers

Reference standard

CIE International Lighting Committee and CY3-91 standard

Technical Parameters

Indicators /parametersD65A
Color Rendering>96100
Color Temperature6500K2900K
Table Area1050 mm x 700 mm
Power220VAC 50Hz
Dimensions1050mm(L) × 800mm(W) × 2100mm(H)
Net Weight40kg


Standard configuration: a set of double light source color matching reading platform

Optional parts: D65 light source, A light source

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