Metal Detector  LTMD-400

Metal Detector LTMD-400

Metal detector LTMD-400 adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction and use coils with alternating current flowing through them to generate rapidly changing magnetic fields. This magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside metal objects. The eddy current will generate a magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field, causing the detector to sound.


  1. The use of phase adjustment technology can effectively suppress product effects.
  2. Use high-speed digital signal processing devices and intelligent algorithms to improve detection accuracy and stability.
  3. Can detect various metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and lead.
  4. LCD screen display, Chinese and English menu screens, easy to realize human-machine dialogue operation.
  5. Intelligent self-learning function, capable of detecting frozen foods (such as dumplings, frozen fish), meat, rice, pickled products, etc.
  6. It has a memory function, supports the storage of product parameters of multiple different products, and can be adapted to more product groups.
  7. The simple detachable rack is convenient for users to clean.
  8. The special design of the conveyor belt prevents the conveyor belt from wandering.
  9. High performance-price ratio and extremely attractive price.
  10. Made entirely of stainless steel, the whole machine has excellent waterproof performance. Load bearing ≤10Kg

Metal identification range

A iron
B Gold, silver, copper and other non-ferrous metals with good electrical conductivity
C magnetic stainless steel

Technical Parameter

Test Space Size(mm)350*200
Test Height(mm)200
Test Width(mm)300
SensitivityFE 1.5 SUS 3.0
Transport TypeBelt(belt width:300mm)
Transport speed25m/min
Detect methodElectromagnetic induction
Alarmbelt stops and an alarm beeps.
PowerAbout 220W
Power SupplySigle phase AC220V
Net Weight150kg
MaterialSS 304

Display 1; Motherboard 1; Transport belt 1; Motor 1; Pneumatic components 1 set; Rack 1 set

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