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UTM Usage Precautions and Environmental Requirements

Apr 21,2024

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Link Testing UTM operation video

Operation precautions

1. When using the UTM for a tensile test, when the test is over, the specimen should be removed first and then press the "return" button to return it to its original position.

2. When clamping the specimen, avoid stress on the sensor.

3. When pressing the "Return" button and the instrument does not return, first check whether the green limit switch on the side near the sensor is stuck.

Laboratory environment requirements

The laboratory environment temperature is 23±20C and the humidity is 50±10%RH.

The UTM must be flat and stable.

There is no wind in the room and there are no flammable or explosive dangerous items.

Device power requirements

The power supply requires voltage 220V±10% (single phase), 50Hz±0.5%, and the voltage instantaneous fluctuation is within 3V.

The power supply requires good grounding. The neutral wire and the ground wire cannot be mixed together, and the ground wire must be connected separately.

Avoid sharing the same line with high-power equipment, and there will be no electromagnetic interference in the laboratory.

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