Carton Compression Tester KYJ-10K

Carton Compression Tester KYJ-10K

   Carton Compression Tester KYJ-10K is designed for compression and stacking test for packaging containers, anti-corrugated boxes, paper tube, paper tubes, plastic containers etc.. Carton compression tester have several test modes including compressive strength test,fixed value test,stacking test etc.. with precision screw drive system. The detection accuracy of the leading domestic enterprises, are widely used in food, pharmaceutical companies, packaging companies, quality inspection agencies units.

Carton Compression Tester KYJ-10K

Carton Compression Tester KJY-20K &10K operation video

STANDARD: ISO2874,GB/T 4857.3,GB4857.4 

                       PRODUCT APPLICATION

Cartons, oil barrels, oil drums, paper tubes

Load Cell
English Operation Interface
Test report in Chinese(can be translate in english in software)


★Microcomputer processing system, PVC control panel, user-friendly
★Carton compression tester with display, memory, statistics, print and display functions in real-time compression curve
★Data processing, statistical results can be directly obtained the data
★With automatic reset and fault diagnosis function, easy operation
★During the test, the real-time display of anti-stress, deformation of other information
★The instrument uses two precision lead screw and four precision-guided, to ensure the stability of the testing process, the upper and lower platen parallelism and high-speed transmission equipment
★Carton compression tester with high-speed, high-precision positioning servo motor control technology imports to positioning accuracy, fast response speed
★The latest software with real-time display compression curve function; the instrument has a powerful data management and analysis capabilities, data storage function

                               TEST  MODE
★Strength test: To measure the maximum stress and displacement of carton body ;
★Fixed value test: Test the overall performance of carton according to the set pressure and displacement
★Stacking test: according to national standards requirements, can be 12 hours, 24 hours, such as stacking test different conditions.

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