Automatic Smoothness Tester  LTBK-10A

Automatic Smoothness Tester LTBK-10A

  1. Product Overview
    LT-BK10A automatic smoothness tester is a special instrument for measuring the smoothness of paper. It is designed according to the working principle of the internationally used Bekk smoother.
    • The mechanical design of the instrument eliminates the manual pressure-applying structure of the traditional lever weighting hammer, innovatively uses a cam plus a spring, and uses a synchronous motor to automatically rotate to load the standard pressure. Greatly reduce the size and weight of the instrument. The instrument uses a 7.0-inch large-screen color touch LCD display, with Chinese and English menus. The interface is beautiful and friendly, and the operation is simple and easy. The instrument has newly added the "automatic transmission" test, which can greatly save time when testing with high smoothness. The instrument also has the functions of testing and calculating the difference between two sides.
    • The instrument uses a series of advanced components such as high-precision sensors and imported oil-free vacuum pumps. The instrument has the functions of parameter testing, conversion, adjustment, display, memory, and printing included in the standard. The instrument has powerful data processing capabilities and can directly obtain the statistical results of various data. These data are stored in the main chip and can be viewed through touch screen operation.

2. Standards: ISO 5627 GB/T 456

3. Technical Parameters

4. Advantages

1.Using cam and spring structure design, the single-chip microcomputer automatically controls the rotation motor to load pressure and clamp paper during measurement

2. Use 7.0-inch large-screen color touch LCD display, Chinese and English menus, real-time display of various data.

3. Two-sided difference test: By selecting the two-sided difference test mode, you can test and calculate the two-sided difference of the samebatch of samples.

4. Fast measurement: "Automatic gearbox" or small volumecavity measurement can be selected. Under the "Automatic gearbox" test, the measurement time will not exceed 200s, and the small volumemeasurement time is only one-tenth of the large volume, enabling fastmeasurement. .

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