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How to Test Compressive Resistance of Outdoor Water Bladder

May 27,2020

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co., Ltd

Due to its portability, the water bladder is favored by the soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts. The water bladder is usually folded and carried in a backpack and sometimes it will be seated or lied on by the user. In addition, the water bladder, on most occasions, is used in extreme environmental conditions. Therefore a suitable compressive resistance is necessary to the water bladder.

Figure 1 Outdoor Water Bladder

Compressive resistance refers to the ability of containers to resist external compressive forces. These compressive forces are related to some of those exerted on containers in stacks or encountered in transportation. Compressive resistance test can be accomplished by placing the container between two flat platens, one of which is mechanically or hydraulically driven to compress the container. Simplified procedures of compressive resistance test of outdoor water bladder are provided in this article for your reference.

The testing instrument we used in the compressive tests is Link Testing KYJ-10K Box Compression Tester. The tests can be performed according to the following procedures.

  • Prepare at least 5 pieces of outdoor water bladder specimens. The specimens should be intact and have not been damaged by previous handling.
  • Set test parameters including compressive force and test speed, etc.
  • Center the specimen on the lower platen of the box compression tester. Significant errors may result during testing if the specimen is placed off-center on the platen. Also extensive damage to the instrument may occur if the test specimen are placed off-center on the platen.
  • Bring the platens into contact with the specimen applying an initial pressure or pre-load.
  • Start Test. The crushing force test will be performed automatically. The results will be given by the instrument after test. In addition, stacking test A and stacking test B can be performed in this instrument.

The compressive resistance test is significant to the manufacturer of outdoor water bladder. The manufacturer can determine whether their products can withstand the external compressive force in harsh outdoor environment by testing the compressive resistance. According to the test results, the manufacturer can also adjust the manufacturing craft to produce qualified products.

KYJ-10K Compression Tester

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