Rub Tester MCJ-05

Rub Tester MCJ-05

Rub Tester MCJ-05 is used for test surface abrasion resistance for printing inks, PS version of the photosensitive layer, paper packaging, print, varnish and related products. Effective analysis problems like poor print rub resistance,ink layer falls off, PS version of the seal force low resistance issue, coating hardness etc..

Rub Tester MCJ-05 adopt latest MCU control system, the user simply clamping sample to be tested, the instrument will automatically complete the whole test process. It can adjust CVT test speed and meet the requirements of different standards on the test speed. Friction tester is widely used in printing, packaging enterprises, general administration of quality supervision, inspection institutions and other units.

Standards:GB/T7706-2008 ASTMD5264

Rub Tester MCJ-05

Print, ink, paper packaging, containers


★Microcomputer control, PVC operation panel

★ Friction tester with membrane switch and LCD display, user quickly and easily operate and view data

★Key input parameters with power off memory function

★Embedded Standard friction plate to ensure uniformity of friction area

★Test speed can be set to meet different customer requirements

Friction test on printing ink or light oil surface by cleaning offset paper under certain pressure. Test sample surface printing ink density for a certain numbr of times,comparision with the former ratio is the ink film abrasion resistance.

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