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Maintenance Method of LTLD-1000Z Tearing Tester

Oct 20,2020

Source: Link Testing Instruments

Tearing tester is professionally suitable for films, sheets, soft polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), waterproof membranes, woven materials, polyolefins, polyesters, paper, cardboard, textiles and non-woven fabrics And other tear resistance testing.

Daily maintenance method of LTLD-1000Z instrument

After the test, the power must be cut off.
Keep the machine clean. If the machine is not used for testing, cover the entire instrument with a dust-proof cloth.
On the basis of familiarity with the equipment manual and electrical principles, the operator can carry out routine maintenance and troubleshooting with the cooperation of Link Testing after-sales service personnel. It is strictly forbidden for customers to disassemble the machine without authorization. The factory's after-sales service personnel must turn off the power before repairing the instrument, and it is strictly forbidden to operate with power.
The calibration interval should be implemented in accordance with relevant requirement (suggested half a year or one year).

special attention items

Operators should carefully read through the equipment manual and master various operating requirements.
Unmanned monitoring is strictly prohibited during the test, and the operator should observe the test situation in time.
In order to ensure the accuracy of the instrument, please swing more than 15 times before the test.
The punch blade is exposed, please pay attention to personal safety and remember!
Before opening the instrument during maintenance, the power must be turned off. Live operation is strictly prohibited.
Before testing, please adjust the level and balance of the instrument! ! The direction of the sample (longitudinal and transverse) must be carefully distinguished during the test.
It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the counterweight! ! !
The pendulum used should have a suitable range, and overload detection is strictly prohibited! !
Please do not put the instrument on the air outlet of the air conditioner to avoid affecting the test results.
It is strictly prohibited to disassemble the instrument without authorization! !

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