Polarizing stress tester LTYLY-03S

Polarizing stress tester LTYLY-03S

Polarizing stress tester YLY-03 is used for determination internal stress value for all kinds of glassware, glass containers, optical glass,PET preform etc... Polaraizing stress tester with two test mode: qualitative and quantitative. LCD panel can be read directly as a result. It is an ideal tester for pharmaceutical companies, glass manufacturers, quality inspection institutions .

Polarizing stress tester LTYLY-03S Operation Video

STANDARD: YBB00332002,YBB00162003,GB/T 4545

Polarizing stress tester LTYLY-03S


★Qualitative and quantitative two test models for a wide range

★Touch screen display optical path difference and the value of real-time stress

★User manage rights ensure data integrity and


★Equipped with micro-printer, fast printing

result of each measurement and statistical

maximum, minimum, average.

★Instrument can store at least 100 sets of

data, each data 20 measured values

★Adjustable test space for a wide range products

★The system program includes ISP online update

 function, which provides personalized service

★High-speed processing chip, running much faster


    Polarizing stress tester is an instrument for examining the effect of internal stress or crystal birefringence of glass by using polarized light interference principle. Due to the polarizing stress analyzer equipped with sensitive customers. And the application of 1 / 4 wave plate compensation method, so

the instrument can not only according to the polarization field in the order of interference color, internal stress of qualitative or semi quantitative measurement of the glass, you can also accurate quantitative measurements of glass stress value.

1. Thermal deterioration

2.Excessive crystallization (Insufficient cooling of die)

3.Embryo top crystallization

4.Side wall mist (Insufficient drying of slices)

5. Foaming

6.Polymer streamline disorder


8. Splash spot

9.Condensation (Water Ring)

10 Flash

11 Short shot

12 Polymer streamline disorder

                        TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS
Test Accuracy(Birefringence retardation value):4Nm
Polarization field diameter150mm
Test height320mm
Rotation Angle360°
Net Weight5kg
                        ENVIRONMENT REQUIREMENT
Relative HumidityNo more than 70% RH
Power Supply220V  50Hz

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