Auto Torque Tester LTXGY-03S

Auto Torque Tester LTXGY-03S

Auto Torque Tester LTXGY-03S applied to test a variety of bottle opening force and locking force. Different from the ordinary cap torque tester, this is automatic instrument. The entire testing process avoid test error by tighten or open the cap by people. Auto cap torque Tester LTXGY-
03S could set torque value, tighten automatically. The operator could placed the test sample in holding position. The instrument will complete the experiment in accordance with pre-set test program.This instrument is welcomed by research institutes , quality inspection institutions, medium and large enterprises.

LTXGY-03S Auto Torque Tester
Auto Torque tester LTXGY-03S operation videp( childproof cap)

Technical Feature

★Microcomputer control, PVC menu-driven user interface

★Dual-mode design:Lock force and open force.Test bi-directional torque value automatically.

★Equipped with micro-printer, fast printing test results

★Auto-capping force tester could set to  tighten  or open  torque force  value.  The bottle  rotated  by the instrument automatically.

★Large color LCD display test curves, user could monitoring progress.

★Specialized computer software to support multiple unit test results  show  that the  testing  proc ess graphic display,output and print functions

★Standard RS232 interface for easy connection of computers and LAN

 Scale range 10Nm
 Test Accuracy 1 FS
 Resolution 0.001Nm
 Clamping rangeΦ15mm~Φ170mm
 Tighten Speed 10r/min(Adjustable)
 Data Storage 1-80
 Dimension 375mm×460mm×700mm
 Net weight 36kg
 Relative HumidityNo more than 80%,no dewdrop
 Power Supply 220V,50Hz
Test report
Interface of software

special torque meter for childproof cap was successfully upgraded

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