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Analysis of common quality issuess in food and drug packaging

Jan 08,2021

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How to ensure that the plastic bottles for tablet packaging have good sealing properties and are easy to open?

lastic bottles are a commonly used packaging form for tablet drugs. The torque and sealing performance of the bottle mouth of this type of packaging have always been issues of concern to enterprises. If the torque of the bottle cap is small and the overall sealing performance of the package is poor, the oxygen in the environment will penetrate into the package along the bottle mouth and affect the quality of the packaged medicine; if the torque of the bottle cap is too large, it may affects the patient's medication process, increases their anxiety and influence the image of the brand.

The opening performance and sealing performance of the tablet drug plastic bottle can be verified by the torque test and the sealing performance (negative pressure method) test. If the packaging is required to take into account both the sealing performance and the opening performance, the torque of the bottle mouth can be controlled by a torque meter , And then use a leak tester to test the sealing performance of the package under different rotation torques, so as to ensure that the package has a good sealing performance and is easy to open the bottle cap.

Torque Tester LTTT-20

How to monitor the drainage tube for leaks?

Drainage tube is a commonly used medical equipment, clinically used for surgical drainage, to guide the pus, blood, and fluid accumulated in human tissues or body cavities to the body to prevent postoperative infection and affect wound healing. If there is a leakage problem in the drainage tube, the drainage will not be smooth and cannot be drained, which will cause inconvenience to the drainage process.

   The leakage problem of the drainage tube can be checked by testing its sealing performance. During the test, both ends of the drainage tube are sealed, and then placed in a test chamber. After closing the sealing cover, vacuum the sealed tank and keep it under the set vacuum pressure for 120s. If the drainage tube has poor sealing performance, Leakage is prone to occur, and continuous bubbles will emerge during the process of vacuuming or holding pressure. If there are no bubbles during the entire process, the drainage tube has a better sealing performance.

Leak Tester LTY-01

What are the influencing factors of the tearing performance of the aluminum-plated composite film for granule packaging?

Tearing performance is a basic performance of packaging materials and an important factor related to the opening performance of packaging bags. The surface of the granule drug packaging bag is often provided with easy-to-tear openings to improve the tearing performance of the packaging, such as jagged easy-to-tear openings, easy-to-tear notches, easy-to-tear lines, etc., no matter what form of easy-to-tear openings are used, the openings are set reasonable and the nature of the packaging bag itself will affect the tearing performance of the packaging.

   Take the aluminum-plated composite film commonly used in granular drugs as an example. The factors that affect the tear performance of the easy tear include the depth and angle of the tear, the peel strength of the composite film, and the adhesion fastness of the aluminized layer on the film surface. Generally speaking, on the basis of a certain cut angle, the depth of the cut is smaller, and the tearing difficulty of the package is increased; while the peel strength of the composite film and the adhesion fastness of the aluminum layer on the film surface are smaller, The tearing process is prone to delamination, and each single-layer film is likely to be stretched to different degrees under the action of the tearing force, which increases the tearing strength of the composite film. The tearing performance of the aluminum-plated composite film material for the packaging of granular medicines can be verified by the right-angle tearing force, trouser tearing, and peeling strength tests.

Elmendorf Tearing Tester LTLD-1000Z
Heat Seal Tester LTH-H3

What is the reason for the weight loss of bread packaged in plastic composite film for a period of time?

Poor sealing performance of  packaging or heat-sealed parts are prone to air or liquid leakage during long-term storage or under certain pressure conditions, especially the heat-sealed parts have poor sealing effects, such as the heat-sealing strength is too high or too low, causing the moisture in the product to lose or leak from the poorly sealed place, and the problem of weight reduction occurs.


Improve the heat-sealing effect of the package and improve the sealing performance of the finished package; choose packaging materials with high water resistance and good compatibility with the content.

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