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Test method and test instrument for sealing of aluminum medicinal ointment tube

Mar 16,2021

Source: Link Testing instruments Co.,Ltd.

Aluminum medicinal tube

The aluminum medicinal ointment tube is mainly used to contain various gels, and ointments. It has corrosion resistance, no leakage, excellent air tightness, safety, hygiene, beautiful appearance, beautiful printing, easy to use and green Environmental protection and other characteristics are the most ideal choice for GMP pharmaceutical companies. The quality of aluminum medicinal ointment tubes is directly related to the quality of medicines. Therefore, it is very important to control the packaging performance of aluminum medicinal ointment tubes.

According to YBB00162002-2015 on the quality control of aluminum medicinal ointment tubes, it mainly includes coating flexibility and adhesion, sealing, inner coating continuity, inner coating chemical stability, toughness , Microbial limit and other indicators. This article focuses on the sealing of aluminum medicinal ointment tubes, also known as sealing tests.

Significance of Testing the Seal ability of Aluminum Medicinal Ointment Tube

The finished medicines packaged in aluminum medicinal ointment tubes will inevitably be squeezed by external forces during transportation, storage, and sales. If the sealing is not good, leakage will occur. It will not only pollute similar products of the same category, but also affect sales and cause waste. Moreover, medicines with poor sealing properties may cause skin allergies, redness and swelling when purchased by patients. Therefore, it is very important to test the sealing performance of aluminum medicinal ointment tubes.

Test method and principle of the sealing performance of aluminum medicinal ointment tube

LTMFY-06S Leakage and Sealing Strength Tester

1. Sealing test of aluminum medicinal ointment tube

1.1 Standard requirements: YBB00162002-2015 [Closeness] Take a sample, close the cap, immerse it in water at 10-30 degrees Celsius, the end of the pipe is about 10mm from the water surface, and then use a cone injector to apply 0.2 MPa air pressure, immersed in water for 5 seconds without bubbles.

1.2 Instrument: Link Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. LTMFY-06s Leakage and Sealing Strength Tester

1.3 Sample: Sample of aluminum medicinal ointment tube with cap

1.4 Operation:

(1) Put the sample into the hose sealing performance test device of LTMFY-06S leakage and sealing strength tester.

(2) Apply an air pressure of 0.2 MPa to the sample at the end of tube tail.

(3) After the pressure stabilizes, observe the experimental results after 5 seconds. As a result, there’s not bubbles.

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