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Monitoring proposal for carton used in pharmaceutical products transportation

Apr 29,2021

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

pharmaceutical products carton

The compressive resistance of the carton refers to the ability of the carton to withstand external force extrusion, impact, stacking, etc. without deformation during transportation. The compressive resistance of the carton is an important performance of the carton, and it is a comprehensive manifestation of the protection of the products being transported. The strengths and weaknesses of cartons' compression resistance are mainly related to factors such as the reasonable combination of paper, structure and size design, edge compression strength, processing technology, moisture, and stacking transportation methods during transportation. If the carton for the transportation of pharmaceutical products has poor compression resistance, the carton will be easily deformed or even crushed due to external forces such as squeezing and stacking during the transportation process, resulting in the loss of the protective effect of the carton on the medical product. . Therefore, strengthening the monitoring of the compression resistance of cartons is an effective way to prevent the loss of medical products during transportation.

Test method and instrument

KYJ-10K carton compression tester

   The compressive strength of the carton can be tested by its compressive strength. At present, the main testing methods for the compressive strength of cartons are GB/T 4857.4-2008 "Basic Tests of Packaging and Transportation Packages Part 4: Compressive and Stacking Test Methods Using Pressure Testing Machines".

   This test uses the KYJ-10K carton compression testing machine independently developed and designed by Link Testing to test the compressive strength of the samples.

   Test principle: By simulating the stress of the carton during transportation, pressure is applied to the carton until the carton is deformed or crushed, or the carton is kept under a set pressure for a certain period of time to test the time when the carton is deformed or crushed. The pressure or time when the carton is deformed or crushed is the compressive resistance of the carton.

Test sample and test process

Test sample: a corrugated cardboard box for packaging pharmaceutical products produced by a company.

Experimental procedure:

(1) Seal the carton sample and place it on the lower pressure plate of the carton compression tester, and adjust the upper pressure plate to make it contact with the sample.

(2) Set the test speed, prepress, sample height and other parameter information, click the test option, and the test will start.

(3) The upper pressing plate moves downwards. When the prepress is completed, the device starts to record the curve of the sample's displacement with pressure. After the test, the instrument automatically displays the sample's compressive strength and the amount of deformation.

Test results and analysis

A total of 5 samples were tested in this test. The size of the samples is 22 cm (height) × 32 cm (length) × 30 cm (width), and the compressive strengths are 3405 N, 3462 N, 3419 N, 3455 N, respectively. , 3431 N.

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