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How to the adhesion fastness of printing ink on the surface of packaging bag?

Jun 12,2021

Source:Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Common flexible plastic packaging bags include single-layer film and composite film, and the printing methods include surface printing and inner printing. For single-layer film flexible plastic packaging, the quality of printing is particularly important. This is because the printed layer of a single-layer film is usually exposed to the outside and is greatly affected by the external environment. If the printing ink is combined on the surface of the film and the fastness is poor, the ink layer is easy to be rubbed or peeled off when rubbed or rubbed by external force during the transportation and sales of the finished packaging, which will not only reduce the image of the packaged product in the minds of consumers, but also Loss of important information such as production date, shelf life, storage method, etc., brings inconvenience to consumers' purchase or use process. Therefore, improving the adhesion fastness of the printing ink on the packaging surface and strengthening the detection of the adhesion fastness of the ink layer of the packaging material on the film surface are important measures to prevent the ink layer from rubbing and falling off.

Test method and instrument

Rub Tester MCJ-05

   Ink layer bonding fastness test can refer to the relevant regulations in Article 5.7 of GB/T 7707-2008 "Gravure Decoration Prints". MCJ-05 adhesive rub press machine independently developed and produced by Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd. was used to test the ink layer bonding fastness of the samples.

Test results and analysis

   The ink layer of the sample has peeled off, and the tested ink layer has a bonding fastness of 96%.

   Ink layer bonding fastness is a physical index that characterizes whether the ink layer is easy to fall off, and is an important performance index for evaluating the printing quality of printed products. The use of MCJ-05 adhesive tape press roll machine can detect the ink layer bonding fastness of printed matter. The test process is simple and the test results are accurate and reliable.

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