Flex Durability Tester  RCT-02

Flex Durability Tester RCT-02

RCT-02 It is professionally suitable for testing the anti-rubbing properties of various flexible films, composite films, coating films and other materials. The instrument can simulate the rubbing and bending damage of the film during production and transportation. After the test, the anti-rubbing performance of the material is evaluated by detecting the change in the number of pinholes before and after the sample or the change in barrier properties.

Product Features

  • Industrial-grade color resistive touch screen, sensitive to touch, easy to operate, convenient for users to control and view real-time data
  • The instrument can provide five standard test modes, and the number of times mode can be freely set
  • Four stations can be tested at the same time to improve test efficiency
  • With automatic data storage, power-off automatic memory function, to prevent data loss
  • Built-in data storage up to 1500 pieces to meet the needs of large data storage
  • The device is equipped with a micro-printer to print test data in real time

Reference Standard


Technical Parameters

Frequency45 times/min
 Test modelModelA(2700times)、modelB(900times)、Model C(270times)、Model D(20times)Model E(20 times short stroke)、Model F(0 ~ 20000 times adjustable)
Sample Thickness≤2.5mm(customizable)
Test angle440°or 400°
Horizontal stroke155 mm or 80 mm
Sample Size280 mm x 200 mm
Sample Quantity1 ~ 4
Dimension750mm(L)×450mm(B)× 650mm(H)


Standard:Host and specific clamps

Optional parts: non-standard fixture, sample cutter

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