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Common quality problems of instant noodle packaging

Sep 25,2022

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

What properties should be paid attention to when the bagged instant bread material enters the factory?

Gas Permeability Tester GTC-203H

(1) Barrier properties

• Barrier properties of oxygen and water vapor in the environment - verified by oxygen transmission rate and water vapor transmission rate test to prevent the instant noodles from becoming moldy and brittle due to the large transmission rate and poor barrier property of the packaging material.

• Kneading resistance - For composite films containing aluminum (such as aluminized films, aluminum foils, etc.), the oxygen permeability before and after rubbing is tested to compare and verify, if the rubbing resistance is poor, creases, Pinholes and other phenomena will cause the barrier property of the packaging material to decrease.

(2) Physical and mechanical properties

• Uniformity of thickness - Verified by testing the thickness of the packaging, the uniformity of thickness is the basis for ensuring good performance of packaging materials.

• Puncture resistance - verified by the puncture resistance test to prevent the bag from being broken due to poor puncture resistance of the packaging material.

• Slippery - Verified by the friction coefficient test to prevent the packaging material from being difficult to unwind or slip due to too large or too small friction coefficient, respectively.

(3) Hygienic performance

• Residual amount of organic solvent - verified by the solvent residue test, if the residual amount of solvent is too much, the packaging film will have peculiar smell, and the residual solvent will easily migrate into the packaged instant noodles, resulting in the peculiar smell of instant noodles and affecting the health of consumers.

What is the reason for the increase in acid value (peroxide value) in instant noodle cakes?

During the shelf life, some instant noodle cakes have high acid value (peroxide value) content, even exceeding the standard.

Cause Analysis:

(1) Packaging materials

• Poor barrier property - The oxygen permeation rate from the outside of the package is high, especially in the high temperature and high humidity environment, the gas permeation rate of the packaging material will be higher, which will cause the dough to be exposed to a large amount of oxygen and cause oil oxidation.

• Poor rubbing resistance - If the rubbing resistance of the packaging material is poor, when it is rubbed or squeezed by external force, it is easy to form creases, pinholes and other problems, causing the barrier property of the packaging material to decrease.

(2) Finished product packaging and processing

• Poor sealing - the packaging bag body or heat seal is prone to air leakage under certain pressure or long-term storage, especially the sealing quality of the heat sealing part is poor, such as the heat sealing strength is too low or too high, the heat sealing strength If it is not uniform, air leakage is more likely to occur.

Heat Seal Tester LTH-H3

• The quality of the raw material oil used in the flour cake is poor - if the raw material oil used for the production of flour cake is of poor quality or is used repeatedly for a long time, the acid value of the raw material oil itself will be high, which will further cause the acid value of the flour cake (peroxidation). value) exceeded.

Expert advice:

——Pay attention to the monitoring of the main performance of the package, such as heat sealing strength, oxygen permeability, oxygen permeability after rubbing, air permeability, sealing performance (negative pressure method).

——Adjust the parameters of the heat sealing machine to improve the quality of heat sealing; choose packaging materials with high barrier properties and resistance to rubbing or improve the quality of existing packaging materials.

Typical quality case:

——Test sample: fried instant noodles with plastic composite film packaging (the customer reported that after the product was stored for a period of time, when testing the quality of the noodle cake, it was found that the acid value content of the noodle cake was significantly higher than that of previous products).

——Targeted testing items: oxygen permeability, sealing (negative pressure method).

——Test results: The oxygen transmission rate of the packaging film is 1478.1532cm3/(m2•24h•0.1MPa), which is much higher than the average value of similar high-quality products on the market, and the barrier property is poor; sealing performance (negative pressure method) test , when the finished product package is at -68KPa, air leakage occurs at the heat seal, and the sealing performance is slightly poor. Therefore, the poor barrier property of the packaging is the main reason for the high acid value content.

What are the reasons for the small pinholes and air leakage on the surface of the instant noodle packaging bag?

Small pinholes that are difficult to detect appear on the surface of the instant noodle packaging bag body, resulting in air leakage in the packaging.

Cause Analysis:

--Packaging Materials

• Poor puncture resistance - the hardness of instant noodles is high, especially the broken noodles, which are sharp. Easily pierced by the dough.

• Poor thickness uniformity - Thickness uniformity is the basis for ensuring uniformity of other properties of the packaging material. If the thickness of the packaging bag is uneven or low, it will cause a reduction in its puncture resistance.

Auto Tensile Tester LTS-05

Expert advice:

——Pay attention to the monitoring of the main performance such as puncture resistance, thickness and sealing performance (negative pressure method) of the packaging.

- Appropriately increase the thickness of the packaging, and select packaging materials with good puncture resistance.

Typical quality case:

——Test sample: instant noodle packaging plastic composite film (customers reported that small pinholes often appear on the surface of the packaging bag during the sales process of this product).

- Targeted testing items: thickness, puncture resistance.

——Test results: The uniformity of the thickness is poor, the thickness of the thicker part is 40μm, and the thickness of the thin part is only 35μm; The smaller value is 6.09N. Therefore, the non-uniform thickness, low puncture force and poor uniformity of the packaging bags are important reasons for the above problems.

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