Auto Tensile Tester(UTM) LTWDW-50M

Auto Tensile Tester(UTM) LTWDW-50M

LTWDW-50M is widely used in tensile, compression, bending shear and other mechanical properties test of metal and non-metal materials. This machine can be used for testing the mechanical properties of various metal and non-metal materials. According to the national standard or the standard measurement mateiral performance parameters provided by users.Equipped with a wide range of optional parts, it can also be used for mechanical property tests of profiles and components. It also has a wide range of application prospects in the field of material testing of rope, belt, wire, rubber, plastic and other materials with large deformation of the sample and fast test speed. It is suitable for testing fields such as quality supervision, teaching and scientific research, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile, construction and building materials.


1 Host: The machine adopts a double-space door structure, stretching in the upper space, compressing and bending in the lower space. The beam can be raised and lowered stepless. The transmission part adopts the arc synchronous toothed belt, the screw pair transmission, the transmission is stable and the noise is low. The specially designed synchronous toothed belt deceleration system and precision ball screw pair drive the movement of the moving beam of the testing machine to realize the backlash-free transmission.

2 Accessories:

Standard configuration: wedge-type tensile clamps (choose two pairs of 0-7, 7-14, Φ4-Φ9, Φ9-Φ14),

3 Electrical measurement and control system:

Adopt TECO AC servo driver and AC servo motor, with stable and reliable performance, with over-current, over-voltage, over-speed, overload and other protection devices. The speed regulation ratio can reach 1:100,000.

  • It has protection functions such as overload, over current, over voltage, upper and lower displacement limits and emergency stop.
  • The built-in controller ensures that the testing machine can achieve closed- loop control of parameters such as test force, sample deformation and beam displacement, and can achieve constant velocity test force, constant velocity displacement, constant velocity strain, constant velocity load cycle, Tests such as constant velocity deformation cycles. Smooth switching between various control modes.
  • At the end of the test, you can manually or automatically return to the initial position of the test at high speed.
  • Realize the real physical zero adjustment, gain adjustment, and automatic shift, zero adjustment, calibration and storage of test force measurement without any analog adjustment links, and the control circuit is highly integrated.
  • The electrical control circuit refers to the international standard, conforms to the electrical standard of the national testing machine, and has strong anti- interference ability, which ensures the stability of the controller and the accuracy of the experimental data.
  • It has a network interface, which can carry out data transmission, storage, printing records and network transmission and printing, and can be connected to the internal LAN or Internet network of the enterprise.

4 Main functions and features of the software:

The measurement and control software is used for the computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine to carry out various metal and non-metallic (such as wood-based panels, etc.) tests, and to complete various functions such as real-time measurement and display, real-time control and data processing, and result output according to corresponding standards.

(1) Managed by authority, operators at different levels have different operation authority, and the operable menus and other contents are also different, which not only makes the operation of ordinary operators simple, convenient and fast, but also effectively protects the system;

(2) Real-time measurement and display of test force, peak value, displacement, deformation and other signals; real-time acquisition and control under NT mode platforms such as Win2000 and WinXP; and accurate timing and high-speed sampling;

(3) Real-time screen display of various test curves such as load-deformation, load-displacement, etc. is realized, which can be switched and observed at any time, and the enlargement and reduction of the curve is very convenient;

(4) It has the functions of computer storage, setting and loading of test parameters. The operations such as zero adjustment and calibration are all carried out from the software, and each parameter can be easily stored and transferred, so that when a host has multiple sensors It can be easily switched, and there is no limit to the number;

(5) Support a variety of control methods, including open-loop constant velocity displacement, constant velocity force, constant velocity stress and other closed-loop control methods; and provide standard reference curves during the process of debugging closed-loop parameters for advanced operators, so that users can actually observe to the effect of each parameter on the closed-loop effect.

(6) It has an expert system for intelligent setting of test process control mode, which is provided to professional users with an automatic program-controlled programmer. Users can flexibly combine a variety of control methods and control speeds according to the actual needs and according to the rules, and compile a control program that suits their needs. The measurement and control software will automatically control the test process according to the user settings.

(7) Use human-computer interaction to analyze data. The processing method meets the requirements of the widely used "GB/T 228-2002 Room Temperature Tensile Test Method for Metallic Materials", which can automatically calculate various performance parameters such as elastic modulus, yield strength, and specified non-proportional elongation strength, and can also manually intervene in the analysis process. , to improve the accuracy of the analysis; other data processing can also be performed according to the criteria provided by the user.

(8) The test data is stored in a text file to facilitate user query, and to use any general commercial report form and word processing software to reprocess the test data, and at the same time to facilitate network transmission of data;

(9) It can record and save the data curve of the whole process of the test, and has a demonstration function to realize the reproduction of the test curve. It is also possible to superimpose the curves for comparison, which is convenient for comparative analysis;

(10) The test report can be printed in the format required by the user. Users can choose their own report to output basic information, test results and test curve content to meet various needs;


Accuracy of Tester1%
Force Range10KN (1-100%)
Displacementbetter than ±0.5% of the indicated value with resolution 0.001mm
Speed0.01mm/min ~ 500mm/min speed
Stroke of stretching and compression600mm for tensile
Host Size690*770*1780mm
Width of testing10-200mm

Standard Configuration

 No.  NameSpecificationQuanti ty  Note
2AC Servo Motor and System TECO1set 
3Deceleration systemSynchronous toothed belt1set 
4Ball screwTaiwan1set 
5  Load cell  50kN(S type)1 piece 
7Software and control systemOurselves1set 
8Tools and manual 1set 
9 1.Stretching accessories 2.Compression accessories1set     

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