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Car solar membrane impact resistance performance test method

Jan 02,2023

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Car Solar Membrance

The car solar membrane is sticked in windshields, side window glass, and a layer of film -shaped objects on the sunroof. This layer of film is also called car film or explosion -proof insulation film. Its main role is to prevent the injury caused by the sudden bursting of the glass, blocking ultraviolet rays, blocking part of the heat, and anti -glare. At the same time, according to the unidirectional perspective performance of the solar membrane, it achieves the purpose of protecting personal privacy.

Generally, the higher the impact of the pendulum of the car solar membrane, the better the anti-impact performance of the car solar membrane, the better the flexibility, and the solar membrane can effectively explode. If the solar membrane pasted on the car glass is impacted by external forces, if its impact resistance is poor, it is easy to accident in this impact. The impact performance is one of the essential properties of car solar membrane materials.

Test method and test instrument

At present, the detection standards for domestic car solar membrane materials anti pendulum impact energy can refer to the GB 8809 "Plastic Film Anti -During Hammer Impact Test".


The test equipment for the sample anti pendulum impact energy is the LTJM-06 film pendulum impact tester independently developed and produced by Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd

Test principles of equipment: The basic test principle of this test is energy conservation and ignores energy consumption of resistance such as air during the test. During the test, the pendulum was released from a certain height to break the sample at a certain speed, and continued to move up to a certain height. By testing the energy changes before and after the sample, get the impacting energy of the sample.

Test sample and test process

Test sample: a solar film for a car brand.

Experimental procedure:

(1) 10 samples of 10 cm × 10 cm in the width direction of the surface of the sample film, put the sample at 23 ℃ ± 2 ℃, 45%RH ~ 55%RH environment adjustment at least 4 h, test in this environment.

(2) Using the thickness of the sample of the thick meter test, test 10 points, and take the arithmetic average of the 10 -point test result.

(3) Select the impact head with a diameter of 12.7 mm for testing. The diameter of the sample is 89 mm.

(4) Equipment calibration according to the requirements of the equipment.

(5) The flat display of the sample is placed into the device holder of the device, and the sample should not have wrinkles or excessive tension.

(6) Enter the test interface, fasten the pendulum, click the test button, the pendulum will automatically fall and impact the sample, and the device displays the anti-impact energy of the sample.

(7) Test the impact of the sample in turn, and check the test results of the equipment.

Test results and analysis

The average impact resistance of the 10 car solar membrane samples tested this time was 1.854 J.

The LTJM-06 thin film impact tester has the advantages of testing high test accuracy, accurate test results, extensive scope of application, and high degree of intelligence. It is a highly practical detection equipment.

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