Auto Pendulum Impact Tester LTJM-06

Auto Pendulum Impact Tester LTJM-06

   Auto Pendulum Impact Tester LTJM-06 is professionally applicable to the determination of pendulum impact resistance properties of plastic films, laminated films, sheets, composite films, aluminum foils and other materials. Pendulum Impact tester is the necessary testing instrument for enterprises and quality inspection organizations.

Auto Pendulum Impact Tester LTJM-06 

Standards:ASTM D3420, NFT54-116

                            PRODUCT APPLICATION

Films, Plastic laminated films, Paper-based laminated films, Aluminized Films, Coextruded film

                              TECHNICAL FEATURE

★Auto pendulum impact tester is controlled by micro-computer, with large LCD display, menu interface and PVC operation panel
★Electronic measurement mode, test accuracy is up to 0.001J
★Pneumatic specimen clamping, pendulum release mechanism and automatic horizontal adjustment system effectively reduce the errors caused by manual operation
★Adjustable range and electronic measurement support various combinations of non-standard test conditions
★The system provides automatic statistics of testing data for users’ convenient viewing
★Micro-computer and RS232 port can be connected with computer, Professional software supports data statistics, analysisand printing

                                TEST  PRINCIPLE
  Impact and break through the sample at a certain speed by the half round ball type punch to measure energy consumed by a punch to evaluate film pendulum impact energy value.

Standard Configurations:Mainframe, Pendulums of 1 J, 2 J and 3 J, Standard Impact Heads ofФ25.4 mm and Ф19 mm, Standard Clamp Plates of Ф89 mm and Ф60 mm,Micro Printer,Professional Software, Communication Cable and O-ring

Brief introduction of test operation method of film pendulum impact tester LTJM-06

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