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Test method for puncture resistance of salt packaging

Jul 02,2023

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Table salt is an indispensable condiment in daily diet. According to different sources of raw materials, salt can be divided into sea salt, well salt, lake salt, mineral salt, etc. All types of table salt are crystalline solids with different particle sizes.

Common packaging materials for salt include plastic composite film, paper-plastic film, aluminum-plated composite film, etc. During the transportation, storage and sales of finished salt packaging, when stacked or dropped, the salt particles will puncture the packaging bag to a certain extent If the puncture resistance of the packaging bag used is poor, serious imprints or pinholes will appear under the puncture effect of salt, which will reduce the barrier performance and sealing performance of the packaging, causing the amount of gas permeating into the packaging from the environment to increase or The packaging is broken, causing the salt to absorb moisture and leak. Therefore, the packaging materials used for table salt should have high puncture resistance.

Test Methods and Instrument

The test was carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions on puncture strength in GB/T 10004-2008 "Plastic Composite Films for Packaging, Bag Dry Lamination, and Extrusion Lamination". The test instrument uses the LTS-05 intelligent electric tensile testing machine developed and produced by Link Testing to test the puncture strength of the sample.

LTS-05 intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is professionally suitable for plastic film, composite material, flexible packaging material, plastic hose, adhesive, adhesive tape, self-adhesive, medical patch, release paper, protective film, combined cover, metal foil Performance tests such as stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, adhesion, puncture force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force, and pull-out force of products such as diaphragms, backsheet materials, non-woven fabrics, rubber, and paper .

Test sample and test process

Test sample: Use a certain brand of plastic composite film for refined salt packaging as the test sample to test its puncture resistance.

Experimental procedure:

(1) Sample cutting Cut 5 samples with a diameter of 100 mm from the surface of the salt packaging sample.

(2) Sample loading Take one of the samples and clamp it in the equipment fixture, and fix the fixture on the equipment.

(3) Parameters Set parameter information such as sample name, sample thickness, test speed, etc.

(4) Test Click the test option, the test starts, the puncture needle moves upwards according to the set test speed, and punctures the sample, the device automatically records the force value change during the puncture process, and displays the puncture force after the test is over.

(5) Repeat the sample loading and start-up test operation until all 5 samples are tested.

Test Results and Analysis

The puncture forces of the five samples tested in this test were 8.032 N, 8.116 N, 8.109 N, 8.076 N, and 8.127 N. The puncture force of the salt packaging bag sample was 8.092 N, which was the average value of the five test results.

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