Coefficient of Friction Tester LTMXS-06

Coefficient of Friction Tester LTMXS-06

It is suitable for measuring static and dynamic friction coefficients of plastics film, sheet, paper, glass, rubber and other planar materials. It can also be used for measuring the smoothness of urethral catheter, cosmetics, eye drops and other materials.

Technical characteristics

1.Touch screen control, without the help of a computer, the host can operate independently, and can store and query test results.

2.The instrument has a full password protection level (level 3). Each operator has a unique login name and password combination in order to enter the operation of the instrument and ensure the integrity and standardization of the data.

3.The instrument automatically saves 500 sets of test results, checks and prints them at any time.

4.The test speed can be set and adjusted, the non-standard test of any slider mass can be supported, and the application scope can be broadened.

5.The instrument meets GB, ISO and ASTM test standards, and the test methods can be chosen according to customers'needs.

6.The instrument test bench and test slider are degaussing and remanence testing, which effectively reduces the system test error.

7.The sensor system uses world-renowned imported components with stable and reliable performance.

8.Precision ball screw drive, test speed infinitely variable speed, can meet a variety of standard requirements

9.Static time is automatically timed to ensure full contact between samples and improve the accuracy of test results.

10.The system program has ISP online upgrade function and can provide personalized service.

Technical parameter            


Reference Standards

GB 10006、GB/T 17200、ISO 8295、ASTM D1894、TAPPI T816                                                

Product configuration

Standard configuration: mainframe, micro printer, 200g slider, 500g slider

Selection and configuration: counterweight slider 

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