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Food Packaging Quality Control Solution

May 24,2020

The Significance and test Items for Food Packaging Quality Control

Nowadays, plastic packaging becomes a common packaging form. It is widely used in product packaging, especially for food industry. Food, such as liquid & semi liquid food, powdered food, solid food, are usually packed in plastic packaging. According to relevant international standards, testing items for food packaging quality control include mechanical properties, friction, thickness, sealbility, torque, printing quality etc...

Mechanical Property

Mechanical property is the basic testing item during production, transmit, shelf life and usage of food packaging. It includes tensile strength, elongation peel strength, pressure resistance, tearing strength, etc.

LTS-05 Auto Tensile tester

Tensile strength and Elongation

Tensile strength of materials refers to the maximum stress (MS) when the specimen breaks, and elongation refers to the ratio between the extended length and the original length. This test can solve packaging breakage due to insufficient tensile strength.

Peeling Strength

Peeling strength is also called bonding strength or 180-degree peeling strength. It measures bonding strength between each layer of laminated films. Due to weak peeling strength, inter-layer separation often occurs to laminated films, causing a series of problems such as mechanical and permeability property reduction.

Heat Seal Strength

Heat seal strength refers to the strength at seals after food packaging is sealed under high temperature. Weak heat seal strength causes food leakage, pollution and other problems.

LTH-H3 Heat Seal tester

Puncture Resistance

Measurement of puncture resistance evaluates food packaging's ability to sustain damages caused by sharp objects.

Sealability Test

Sealability means the reliability of sealed packaging. Through this test we can assure the completeness of packaging and avoid leakage, pollution, deterioration and other problems due to poor sealability.

LTY-01 Leak Tester

Bottle Cap Torque Test

Bottle packaging is one of common packaging forms. The open and close torque of bottle cap is a key technological parameter to be controlled online and offline. It also plays an important role in ensuring safe transportation and good consumer experience.

LTTT-20 Torque Tester

Compression resistance of packaging materials.

Stacking and pressing is unavoidable during storage and transit of carton packaging, which will affect the packaging properties. By simulating the stacking, pressing, failure and other activities in real use cases, we can quantitatively analyze and evaluate.

KYJ-10K Box Compression Tester.

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