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Common Quality Issues of polymer material?

Dec 18,2020

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What are the reasons for the bag breakage of aquatic products stored at low temperature?

Quality issues:

The aquatic products stored at low temperature are prone to bag breakage during storage.

Cause Analysis:

(1) Packaging materials

l Poor cold resistance-If the packaging material has poor cold resistance, the flexibility of the packaging material will deteriorate and brittleness will increase when stored in a low temperature environment, and the bag will be broken when it is dropped or impacted by external forces. The cold resistance of packaging materials can be obtained by comparing the pendulum impact resistance of samples before and after freezing.

(2) Finished product packaging production process

l The sealing effect of heat sealing is poor-if the parameters of the heat sealing equipment are not set properly, the sealing quality of the heat sealing part will be poor, and there will be poor heat sealing or excessive heat sealing, and it will be easy to heat sealing under the impact of the contents Bags are broken everywhere.

Expert advice:

——Pay attention to the daily monitoring of the main properties of packaging such as pendulum impact resistance, cold resistance, heat seal strength, and burst pressure.

——Choose packaging materials with good cold resistance.

——Adjust the heat sealing process parameters to improve the heat sealing effect of heat sealing.

Typical quality cases:

——Test sample: Crabmeat packaging bag (customers report that the product has a higher rate of breakage at the heat-sealed part during storage).

—— Targeted testing items: burst pressure, heat seal strength.

——Test result: The heat seal strength of the sample is 15.341N/15mm, the tested samples are all broken at the root of the heat seal, and the sample has the problem of excessive heat sealing; in the burst pressure test, the sample is hot at 20.6KPa The bag is broken at the root of the seal, and the impact resistance of the sample is poor. Therefore, excessive heat sealing is the main reason for the higher rate of sample breakage at the heat sealing place.

Heat Seal Tester

Why is the adhesive tape used for infusion easy to fall off?

Quality issues:

The adhesive tape used for fixation is easy to fall off during infusion.

Cause Analysis:

(1) Packaging materials

l Poor adhesiveness-If the adhesiveness of the medical tape is poor, it will gradually fall off when it is used to fix the infusion needle and part of the infusion tube.

Expert advice:

——Pay attention to the monitoring of the main properties of adhesive tape, such as initial tack, holding tack, and peel strength.

——Improve the production process of adhesive stickers for infusion and improve its adhesiveness.

Tensile Tester LTS-05

How to monitor the low temperature tolerance of the blood transfusion bag?

Blood transfusion bag is a kind of commonly used medical packaging. In order to keep blood fresh and reduce blood metabolism, blood needs to be stored in a low temperature environment. Therefore, blood transfusion bags containing blood should have good low temperature resistance. In order to prevent its performance in a low temperature environment from greatly deteriorating, it is prone to quality problems such as broken bags and air leakage.

The low temperature resistance of the blood transfusion bag can be obtained by comparing the anti-pendulum impact energy of the material at room temperature and low temperature. The specific test process is to use the pendulum impact tester to test the anti-pendulum impact energy of the blood transfusion bag at room temperature, and then the blood transfusion bag After storing in a low temperature environment for a period of time, test its pendulum impact resistance again. The diameter of the punch and gasket used in the two tests should be the same. The low temperature resistance of the blood transfusion bag is the pendulum impact resistance after low temperature refrigeration. The ratio of the impact energy to the pendulum at room temperature.

Auto Pendulum Impact Tester

What are the excellent physical and mechanical properties of medical gloves?

Medical gloves are an indispensable medical device that can effectively prevent and isolate medical pollution and prevent cross-infection between doctors and patients during clinical diagnosis and surgery. In the process of diagnosis and treatment of patients, medical staff often come into contact with sharp and sharp medical equipment such as syringes and scalpels. This requires medical gloves to have good physical and mechanical properties to prevent damage during use and ensure that medical staff wear medical gloves The convenience and safety.

l Good tensile performance-the corresponding test items are tensile strength, elongation at break, to prevent medical staff from tearing and breaking during wearing or use.

l Puncture resistance performance-verified by puncture force test to prevent medical gloves from being exposed to imperceptible holes or damage due to external forces such as equipment damage and bone tissue puncture during surgery or other diagnosis and treatment processes.

l Slippery performance-verified by the friction coefficient test to prevent the medical gloves from being difficult to wear or slipping while holding the medical device after the friction coefficient is too high or too low.

l Anti-aging performance-verified by testing the tensile strength and elongation at break of the treated medical gloves to prevent the medical gloves from aging due to exposure to high temperature, drugs, blood and other components during use.

Coefficient of Friction Tester

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