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The solution to the leakage of the instant food sauce packets

Dec 28,2020

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,ltd

Sauce Packet

Sauce packets are an important part of instant noodles and other instant foods, and their packaging should have good heat-seal performance. If the heat-sealing strength is low, problems such as cracking and leaking at the sealing area are likely to occur, and the phenomenon of wire drawing may occur when the bag is cut; if the heat-sealing strength is high, the heat-sealing area is likely to shrink, and even cause the packaging bag The undercutting of the heat-sealed area may cause the package to leak at the heat-sealed root, or even break the bag. The leakage of the sauce package not only reduces the brand image of the product, but also causes quality problems such as moldy and deterioration of the sauce package, which seriously affects the company's product image.

Test methods and test equipment

   At present, the Chinese testing standards for the heat seal strength of plastic film packaging bags mainly refer to QB/T2358-1998 "Test Method for Heat Seal Strength of Plastic Film Packaging Bags".

   The heat-sealing strength test of the packaging bag can be done with the LTS-05 electronic tensile testing machine produced by Link Testing Instruments Co.Ltd to complete the test.

LTS-05 Auto Tensile Tester

Test principle: The sample is clamped between the two chucks of the fixture, the two chucks move in opposite directions, and the force value sensor located on the movable chuck and the displacement sensor built in the machine are used to collect the force during the test. Force change and displacement change, so as to calculate the performance indicators such as heat seal strength, tensile, deformation rate, peel strength, and puncture resistance of the sample.

Test sample and test process

Test sample: instant noodle sauce packets provided by a food factory.

Experimental procedure:

Sample Testing

(1) Cut out 10 sample strips with a width of 15mm and an unfolded length of 100mm from the four heat-sealed edges of the packaging bag.

(2) Set parameter information such as sample width and test speed.

(3) Clamp both ends of the sample strip on the two clamps respectively. The long axis direction of the sample strip should coincide with the center line of the two clamps.

(4) Click the start test option to start the test. The instrument automatically records the force value during the test and calculates the test result.

Test results and analysis

   The average values of the heat seal strengths of the upper, lower and right edges of the sample tested this time are: 5.019 N/15mm, 4.105 N/15mm, 4.257 N/15mm.

   Judging from the above test results, the heat-sealing strength value of each heat-sealed edge of the sauce bag is low, which is the main reason for the leakage of the sauce packet package. LTS-05 electronic tensile testing machine has the advantages of reliable test results, simple equipment operation, high test efficiency, etc., which can truly reflect the heat sealing performance of instant noodle sauce packets. It is recommended that the manufacturer should strengthen the heat sealing in the production process and before leaving the factory. Intensity detection. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of key items such as the overall sealing performance and oxygen transmission rate of the product.

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