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Complete solution for vacuum packaging problems

Feb 22,2021

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Vacuum Packaging

What is vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging is a plastic or aluminum foil bag with high air-tightness, which is used to put items into the package and seal, which can isolate gas, liquid, sunlight and high toughness. Usually need to be used together with the vacuum packaging machine. The main principle is to pump out the gas in the packaging container and seal it so that the air in the bag is reduced to the extent that microorganisms cannot survive to prevent oxidation activities and food decay. Effectively keep the product fresh and highly extend the product life.

Why use vacuum packaging?

  Vacuum packaging is a method that can effectively extend the shelf life of the product and protect it from external factors. Since the water and the oxygen in the air are isolated, aerobic microorganisms cannot survive and can no longer destroy food. Although it is not 100% completely isolated from bacteria, vacuum packaging can indeed extend the shelf life a lot, so now it is mostly advocated to use vacuum packaging bags to store food ingredients. Airtight packaging is also very suitable for many non-food products. Including some of the more valuable products: such as seat cushions, banknotes, electrical components, jewelry and watches. The applicable products don't stop there. Anything you can think of can actually be vacuum packed.

There are three foundations for vacuum packaging to comply with world health standards:

1. Vacuum packaging can seal liquid, semi-fluid, solid granular, flowers, chemicals, precious medicinal materials, paper, electronic components, etc., with less air, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and anti-oxidation, so that the product itself will not be due to oxygen The oxidation and discoloration.

2. Vacuum packaging can prolong the fresh time of fruits and vegetables and increase the shelf life of products.

3. Additional benefits such as reduced packaging volume, convenient storage, and isolation from external dust.

How to ensure the sealing performance of vacuum packaging?

LTS-05 Auto Tensile Tester

Material tensile strength, tear resistance, heat seal strength performance

   These physical properties can be tested by the LTS series intelligent electronic tensile testing machine developed and produced by Link Testing. Only these properties are qualified to ensure that the packaging materials maintain qualified properties during production and processing. Link Testing’s Tensile Tester is an electronic tensile testing machine specialized in testing the tensile properties and other mechanical properties of various flexible packaging materials. The equipment is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of plastic films, composite materials, soft packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tapes, stickers, medical patches, protective films, composite covers, diaphragms, non-woven fabrics and other materials. The tensile machine can be used for testing items such as stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, puncture force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force, and pulling force.

Guaranteed sealing process

LTH-H3 Heat Seal Tester

   The quality of packaging materials is completely satisfactory, which does not mean that qualified vacuum packaging can be made. The quality of the sealing process will determine the quality of the vacuum packaging. Ensure proper vacuuming time. Too short a vacuum cannot reach a qualified vacuum, and food cannot be kept fresh. Too long will seriously affect the production efficiency of the product. The heat sealing temperature must be accurately controlled during heat sealing. The sealing time, temperature, and pressure will affect the final heat sealing strength. The heat sealing and hot tack tester developed by Jinan Link Testing is suitable for plastics. The test of the thermal adhesion properties of packaging materials such as film and composite film can automatically heat and seal the sample. After the program is completed, the heat seal strength of the seal can be quickly determined within an accurate test time. At the same time, it can also measure the heat sealing parameters of plastic film substrates, flexible packaging composite films, coated paper and other heat sealing composite films at a certain heat sealing speed, heat sealing pressure and three heat sealing temperatures.

How to check the quality of the leakage performance?

   Leakage performance refers to the reliability of the package seal. Through this test, the integrity of the entire product package seal can be ensured, and problems such as leakage, pollution, and deterioration due to poor product seal performance can be prevented. The leak tester can also be called sealing performance tester, sealing degree tester, etc. It is suitable for packaging bags, bottles, tubes in food, medicine, medical equipment, daily chemicals, automobiles, electronic components, stationery, pesticides, veterinary drugs and other industries. Leakage and sealing performance testing of, tanks, boxes, etc. It can also be used for leak detection of pharmaceutical aluminum-plastic blister and sealing performance test of packaging parts after drop and pressure test.

Principle and application: Test principle of negative pressure method, corresponding equipment: LTY-01

LTY-01 Leak Tester

   By evacuating the vacuum chamber, the sample immersed in water generates a pressure difference between inside and outside, and by observing the gas leakage of the sample or the sample shape recovery after the sample expands and releases the vacuum, the sealing performance of the sample is judged. The equipment is easy to operate, the test judgment is simple, and the application range is wide.

Positive pressure method test principle, corresponding equipment: LTMFY-06S

LTMFY-06S Intelligent Sealing Instrument

Adopt the positive pressure method of inflation test principle to quantitatively determine the sealing leakage of various packages, bottle caps, hose caps and other products; the equipment provides multiple test modes of rupture test, creep test, and creep to rupture test, by adding accessories It can carry out the test of the sealing strength test of the open package, the leakage test of the hose, the restraint plate test of the package, the leakage test of the aerosol valve, and the leakage test of the medicinal blister.

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