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Chocolate Plastic Flexible Packaging Materials and Packaging Quality Requirements

Jul 31,2022

Source: Link Testing Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Common plastic flexible packaging materials:

Cellophane single-sided coated PVDC film (KPT): This type of packaging material is suitable for the outer packaging of chocolate, and the commonly used specification is 28g/m2 film packaging applications.

Varnish/ink/white BOPP/PVDC/cold sealant: varnish can protect printing ink; printed on the surface of white corona-treated BOPP film, it has light-shielding properties, BOPP also has good printing adaptability, high strength, durability Good tortuousness; PVDC has good gas barrier and moisture barrier properties; cold sealant can be sealed at a temperature lower than the melting point of chocolate.

PET/VMCPP, Al/EAA, varnish/BOPP/VMPET/cold glue, BOPP/EVA: EAA and EVA are used as heat sealing layers and have low temperature cold sealing performance; VMCPP and Al layers have higher barrier properties.

Varnish/ink/white BOPP/PVDC/cold sealant: used for pure chocolate packaging, PVDC is a high barrier material, the cold sealant can be sealed at very low temperature, and the heat will not affect the chocolate.

Varnish/ink/VMPET/BOPP/PVDC/cold sealant: used for praline chocolate packaging, VMPET is a high barrier material, cold sealant can be sealed at very low temperature, and heat will not affect the chocolate. More grease, easy to oxidize and deteriorate, so the oxygen barrier layer is added to the structure.

Common Chocolate packaging quality requirement:

01. To have a high air barrier:

Chocolate and its products are in contact with oxygen for a long time, and the fat components in them are easily oxidized, resulting in an increase in the peroxide value in the chocolate and its products.

Gas Permeability Tester GTC-203H

02. To have high moisture resistance:

In a humid environment, the sugar on the surface of chocolate and its products will dissolve separately, and the phenomenon of icing or reverse frost will occur. Therefore, the packaging is required to have high moisture resistance and moisture resistance.


03. Low temperature heat sealability:

Chocolate and its products are more sensitive to temperature. When the ambient temperature is slightly higher, it will melt. Therefore, it is required that the packaging can achieve suitable heat sealing strength at a lower heat sealing temperature.

Auto Tensile Tester LTS-05

04. Good sealing:

If the sealing of the package is poor, the water vapor and oxygen from the outside will enter the package, affecting the sensory and quality of the chocolate and its products. Therefore, the package is required to have good sealing performance.

Heat Seal Tester LTH-H3

05. Lower solvent residues:

In the long-term contact with chocolate and its products, the residual solvent in the packaging will slowly migrate into the chocolate and its products, affecting the health of consumers. Therefore, it is required that the solvent residue in the packaging be controlled as low as possible.

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