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Common quality problems in meat packaging

May 21,2023

Source: Link testing instruments co.,Ltd.

Quality issues:

Oil seepage often occurs on the surface of some meat product packaging bags with high liquid oil content.

Cause Analysis:

--Packaging Materials

• Poor oil resistance——composite each layer of film to become the adhesive of the packaging bag and the oil resistance of each layer of film is poor, and the oil will slowly penetrate through the packaging bag to the packaging surface. For example, the composite fastness between the packaging bags of unpacked meat products and the layers of films of the packaging bags of packaged meat products (tested by peel strength test), tensile force and elongation at break (these two indicators are tested by tensile strength elongation and elastic modulus test) are quite different.

• Poor rubbing resistance - the composite film composed of aluminum foil (or aluminized film) and plastic film has poor rubbing resistance. In the links of packaging, transportation and sales, when rubbed or squeezed by external force, creases are easy to appear , Penetrating pinholes or only pinholes appear in the aluminum foil and aluminized layer, resulting in poor barrier properties of the packaging, and grease is easy to slowly penetrate into the packaging surface.

• Poor puncture resistance - sharp and hard objects in meat products, such as bones, will have a certain puncture force on the packaging bag. If the puncture resistance of the packaging is poor, it is easy to produce holes and cause surface oil leakage.

Expert advice:

——Pay attention to the thickness of the package, the tensile elongation and elastic modulus of the packaging roll film, the peel strength of the packaging roll film, the tensile elongation and elastic modulus of the finished package, the peel strength (finished package), oxygen permeability Monitoring of overdose, oxygen transmission rate after rubbing, puncture resistance and other indicators.

——Choose a grease-resistant packaging bag, increase the thickness of the packaging bag appropriately, prolong the time for the grease to penetrate the packaging surface, and improve its grease resistance.

——For packaging bags composed of aluminum foil (or aluminized film) and plastic film, choose packaging materials with better rubbing resistance.

Typical quality cases:

——Testing sample: sausage plastic packaging bag (the customer reported that after the finished product packaging of this product was stored for a period of time, oil seeped on the surface of the packaging bag).

——Targeted testing items: thickness, peel strength of packaging roll film, peel strength of finished product packaging. ——Test results: the thickness of the composite film is 69.5 μm, which is lower than the average value of similar high-quality products on the market; the packaging bag of unpacked crispy sausage has a high composite fastness, with a peel strength of 4.5N/15mm, and the finished packaging bag The peel strength is only 2.0N/15mm, and the reduction in the composite fastness of the finished packaging is likely to be caused by the penetration of oil into the adhesive layer. Therefore, the thickness of the packaging bag is thin, and the oil resistance of the packaging bag and the adhesive contained in it is poor, which is an important reason for the oil leakage on the surface of the packaging.

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